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They Know Their Sister

They know their sister by tear-stained photographs By a worn-out guestbook from her funeral service They know her by playing in a cemetery Around a cold hard tombstone They know their sister by our “Sadie Rose” friends By support meetings and remembrance ceremonies They…

First Day of School

Barefoot o’re the dusty pathway Through the pasture, was the rule Skipped the girl with brunette pigtails As she hurried off to school Ah, the summer filled with daydreams Hailed her with its final call Breezes yielded July’s sweetness To ripened hints of early…

The Stuff Summers are Made of

We were not home for a full day after a week-long visit in Chicago, when Eli arranged for a few cousins to come for the night. My first “sigh” was instantly replaced with musings of how we could make it a memorable summer night….

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