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Writing Mama

5:30 am Releasing words On blank page Husband stirs, coughs, Releases his own gas Into the atmosphere Cats scratch hungrily at the door Dogs want scratched too, by me Baby calls for mama Another needs covers The third isn’t sure He can go back…

Humor, havoc, heartache, and harmony

An peak into the cadence of our lives. Why yes, yes there ARE bright pink plastic tablecloths duct taped to my mostly faithful mini van currently parked in the grass of our front yard. We spent part of the weekend going back and forth…

A perfectly wonderful day 

There are few days that top the one we are wrapping up. Nothing extraordinary happened, but it was full of the things I love most.  I started by reminding myself where to leave my cares and worries. I prayed, released, and listened as I…

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