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Writing Mama

5:30 am Releasing words On blank page Husband stirs, coughs, Releases his own gas Into the atmosphere Cats scratch hungrily at the door Dogs want scratched too, by me Baby calls for mama Another needs covers The third isn’t sure He can go back…

Minivan Mom

With apologies to minivan moms who would never find stale fries underneath seats and who are comfortable in designer clothes. I salute you! This post originated from a conversation with a best friend yesterday about the stigma of moms and minivans. Since I love…

Dancing; taboo to therapy 

I covered the phone receiver in my hand and whispered to my co-worker, “Is ballet a sport?” Clearly I knew nothing about ballet or sports. (When I was asked to cover my first county-league baseball game my completed article had little to do with…

Protected: Antiquated laws, flatulence in France, and local librarian humor 

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Just for laughs 

For some reason my mind was recalling childhood stories this evening and I thought I’d share a few with you.  1) By 1992, some of the family had strayed from our upbringing and were watching movies and television with friends. This was the year…

Senior Moment

“I have to ask,” the cashier said almost sheepishly, “are you a senior?”  The question was innocent enough since I was accompanied by some of my favorite church ladies, several of whom have white hair, but I was caught off guard.  I wanted to…

The truth about our plant-based-ish family

This past March I came across “Forks Over Knives,” (referred to hereafter as FOK) a documentary promoting a “whole foods plants based” (vegan) diet. I convinced my husband to watch it and asked if he would try it with me for one month. At…

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