A New Name

I didn’t have a name for three days when I was born. My parents were waiting for the perfect moniker to dawn on them for their fifth child. Finally, they named me after a protagonist in the novel, “Not Regina,” by Christmas Carol Coffman. 

My first website, moons ago, was “inspiredramblings.” Later I started a new site, “myinspiredramblings,” but my writing was sporadic and I left it sitting there like a book collecting dust on a shelf. At one point I also had a recipe blog called, “The Kitchen Chic.”

Last year, I decided to start blogging with intention under the identity, “Spicy Spirit Sister,” the name a reference to recipes, food, soul care, and ministry, all of which I love.   

Many of you started following me under this name and I’ve truly appreciated your friendship and feedback. However, the moniker still didn’t feel authentic. I could just as well have titled my site “the conservative hippie,” (explanation warrants a post of its own) “the grief companion,” “my plant-based-ish family,” or “the ordinarian,” and all of them would have represented parts of the whole.

As I take my writing career to the next level, I’ve returned to the name so thoughtfully given to me at birth for my web address. This name encompasses all of the nuances that make me, me. The title of my site returns to “Inspired Ramblings.” 

I look forward to continuing our connection and friendship here. 

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