Tip for getting out of the cooking rut

I’ve finally gotten back in the kitchen to create a well-rounded meal. I like to come up with different challenges to get out of my usual cooking habits. Something I do occasionally is try to create a complete meal from one recipe book. I did that this evening with this book. 

This evening I made chickpea and spinach stew served over cooked and fluffed cracked wheat. 

Topped with garlic mayonnaise. 

Our side was honey mustard glazed carrots. 

I also have two loaves of cracked wheat-honey bread in the oven. (Except I used bulgar and molasses.) 

Here they are rising in the pan. 

We will top it off with an evening snack of homemade snickerdoodles (not from the cookbook) and mango sherbert (from the cookbook.) 

Even though I get frustrated with menu planning, finding new and different things everyone likes, cooking and baking on a tight budget, serving my family in this way brings me great joy. 

What do you do to get out of a cooking rut?

2 thoughts on “Tip for getting out of the cooking rut”

  1. Cooking ruts! Oh joy. Not. I got tired of trying to dig myself out of them, so I sat Hubby down and made him tell me about 25 foods that he really likes. Most of them I was aware of, but having them on a list I can go to really helps! Now I just refer to the list! I love your method as well!

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    1. The list is a good idea! Every time I ask my husband or the children what they want for supper they say they don’t care, but then the children let me know if it wasn’t what they wanted. 🙂

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