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Potpourri: I Ran Out of Words, Holy Week, and Treasured Moments

I ran out of words this week, to say, to speak, but not to write. We are wrapping up a brutally busy, gloriously wonderful Holy Week including, worship and work and friend and family time. I am one who is often confused as an…

Potpourri; factory seconds, Sears catalogs, and nostalgia

I don’t do many chips around here, but when I do, my favorites are these Factory Seconds. $1.79 a bag at our local discount grocery and bursting with character and flavor.  As I munched on some today, I thought of how these potatoes, for…


My life in glimpses. That’s how it seems these days.  I love soap and lotion-making days at our house. The air smells fabulous and my hands feel so soft. No pictures because I’m too busy during the process, but today I made five gallons…

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