Family, Camping, and Food

Our family (my husband and I) have mostly adopted a whole-foods plant-based diet, but we make exceptions and camping weekend is one of those. 

For the next three days, twenty plus cousins will play with sticks and stones and water. They will play frisbee and Uno and blow bubbles. They will NOT play on electronics. 

My siblings and mom and a few other relatives will reminisce family stories around the campfire. We will passionately debate religion, politics, and current events and afterwards we will play music and sing together like we never disagreed to begin with. 

We will eat Stromboli and tacos and Granddaddy Garry’s famous chipped beef gravy and mamaw’s famous biscuits along with copious amounts of other deliciousness. 

Last night I made two Strombolis; one filled with meats and cheeses and the other filled with spinach and roasted red peppers and such. Picture to come when I get around to posting the recipe. 

I made a batch of Chex mix so large I had to mix it in a large kitchen-sized garbage bag. (Clean of course.) 

I made layered Jello squares. 

And mixed the dough for four cream cheese cherry Danish braids. This morning I rolled out the dough and assembled the pastries. They are rising now and almost ready to bake. 

This will all be added to the wonderful dishes contributed by other family members. 

This is the weekend of the year that recenters my soul, that grounds my sense of who I am and where I’ve come from. 

Praying for a safe and great weekend for all. 

Summer stuff 

We had 10 extra kids for the night for a total of 13. A cousin camp-out, we call them. Last year we did this about once a week during the summer, but with a baby and a super busy schedule this was our first one of the season and unfortunately it might be the only one we can pull off this year. 

We had a grand time. 

We walked to the next street over and watched the parade. 

They played hours of “capture the flag.” 

We enjoyed yummy ice cream floats. Thanks to Lee, we had a great campfire. 

I slept in the tent with most of them. 

Six boys joined me at 4 am to head to the church to help with a BBQ chicken fundraiser. Lee stayed home with the other 7. 

The scene there is always so pastoral. It does my heart good. 

I returned home around 8:40 and made sausage and eggs for everyone. The rest of the day included more outdoor games, including the water sprinkler. 

As the day got hotter we also threw in a movie and a few video games. Most of them have gone home now. Of the two remaining, one is playing princess dress-up with the younger one and the other is making potions with the older one. 

So thankful to help create these memories and to have each one of these great kids as part of our family. 

Now for a nap… But wait… the baby needs attention. I wouldn’t trade this beautifully imperfect contented life for the world. 

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