My Pledge

This is my life-creed. It is original to me and therefore copyrighted to me, but feel free to use and post if you feel the reminders here would be helpful in your home or place of work.


I pledge to care for those around me as though they are my brother, my sister, my father, or mother, for indeed, they are that to someone. If perhaps, they are walking this journey alone, I pledge to demonstrate compassion and kindness with the reality that I might be the encouragement that makes their life worth living.

I pledge to seek and maintain a discipline that propels me toward a higher standard of living; to walk in integrity and humility and go beyond the accepted normalcy of everyday living.

I pledge to seek the wisdom of the aged and experienced and embrace the enthusiasm of the young, wild and free. I will face the day with an insatiable quest for knowledge and seize each moment with laughter and peace.

I pledge to look for the good in others and encourage them to do the same; to promote friendship, love, and peace in the face of strife and dissension. I will walk in respect and love concerning the differences that surround me.

I pledge to accept that I too have needs. I acknowledge that I need the support and encouragement of my family and friends in order to maintain healthy relationships with others and be the best I can be.

I pledge that, not if, but when, I stumble on my journey that I will not lose sight of my mission. I will surround myself with people of faith who will spur me on to the fulfillment of my mission.

I pledge to live my life to the fullest and embrace each moment as though it could be my last. I will walk in forgiveness and mercy and pray that justice finds its place in our world. I will strive to make every life recognize it’s value and importance and to make a difference in every path I cross.


(c) Regina Rose Cyzick – 08/23/2006

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